Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In Lebanon, Criminals Honored, Suspects Condemned


"07/05/2008 This is the rule of Fouad Saniora's US-backed unconstitutional government under which criminals are honored and promoted and suspects are condemned even before conviction.

Who can forget the notorious Marjeyoun 'Tea Party' that took place when the resistance fighters bravely confronting Israeli aggressors in the July 2006 war against Lebanon?

Back then, the ruling bloc that was claiming "adherence to Lebanon's security and sovereignty," was not provoked by the footage of the infamous party whose hero, brigadier general Adnan Dawood, was honored after the war and promoted from colonel to Brigadier General 'because he prevented a massacre in the Marjeyoun barrack. Hospitable Dawood conferred honor upon the Israeli unit that occupied his barrack and ordered one of his soldiers to serve tea to its members.
Then acting interior minister, Ahmad Fatfat, justified Dawood's promotion saying that the Lebanese judiciary has not yet decided on the matter, although the incident is recorded on camera.

In the eyes of Saniora's ruling bloc, Dawood deserves to be promoted but Brigadier General Wafiq Shqeir, in the same eyes, deserves to be removed from his post as the head of Beirut's international airport security body.

The ruling bloc acted against Shqeir based on information provided by MP Walid Jumblatt that Hezbollah was monitoring runway 17 with a camera on a container. Hours after Jumblatt's claims, Shqeir was removed from his post by an unconstitutional decision taking during a gathering of Saniora's ministerial bloc.

Between the infamous and documented tea incident of Dawood and the undocumented case of Shqeir one truth can be concluded: there are double standards by pro-ruling bloc authorities in dealing with internal security issues. "

Here is a video of the tea party, contributed by Lucia in Spain:

See Tea or Treason?, also courtesy of Lucia, for an English transcript of the video.

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