Friday, April 3, 2009

The Goldberg Syndrome

It renders journalists, and lobbyists, blind …

by Justin Raimondo, April 03, 2009

"..........If Jeffrey Goldberg has any doubts about the existence of such an entity, he should try looking in the mirror. That he can’t – or won’t – see what, increasingly, the rest of America sees, is an indication that either he’s going blind, or that he’s just not telling us the truth. Of course, it could be both: that he’s blind, and willfully so. This is a telling symptom of what we might call the Goldberg Syndrome: an inability to see and/or acknowledge what everyone knows to be true – that a lobby, and a powerful one, exists in this country that puts Israel’s interests above those of the US.

Furthermore, this Lobby is currently running into some big problems: the foreign policy it has imposed – yes, imposed – on the US has caused a train-wreck in the Middle East, with reverberations around the world and on the home front, too. Americans are waking up, and the Israel Lobby is reacting with its characteristic blind virulence. The consequences – for Israel, first of all – aren’t going to be pretty. Yet the blindness of the pro-Israel ideologues renders them unable to see any of this coming."

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