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Al-Jazeera Video: عشرات القتلى والجرحى بالقصير


Al-Jazeera Video: Bahraini protesters clash with police

Al-Jazeera Video: حديث الثورة/ تطورات الثورة السورية بعين الشارع العربي

Why I signed the Rebel campaign

Incompetence and inefficiency are not enough to annul the mandate of the ruling president, gained at the ballot box. But continuing the system of torture used by the former regime is

Khaled Fahmy , Saturday 25 May 2013
Ahram Online

"Before midnight on Friday, 17 May 2013, I decided to go to Tahrir Square to sign the "Rebel" campaign's petition, which asks for the withdrawal of confidence from President Mohamed Morsi El-Ayat. This was not an arbitrary decision, nor was it a product of the moment. It was the result of deep reflection as well as an appreciation for the importance of this campaign and what it calls for......

I did not go to Tahrir to ask for free and fair elections only, and I did not participate in the revolution to replace the National Democratic Party with the Freedom and Justice Party, or to replace Mohamed Hosni Mubarak with Mohamed Morsi El-Ayat. This revolution started not to change the players, but to change the rules of the game, and the reason of my rebellion against the rule of President Mohamed Morsi is his acceptance of the continued existence of the same game with the same referee....."

The Obama Comedy Hour: Barack Obama says war on terror is OVER!

By Carlos Latuff

Friday, May 24, 2013

My Favorite Weekly Show: البرنامج - الحلقه 24 كامله

Hezbollah's role in Syrian conflict ushers new reality for its supporters

Once denied by its leaders, the Shia militant group's involvement in Syria is now a badge of honour for families burying their dead
Members of Lebanon's Hezbollah carry coffin
in Beirut
The Guardian,
The flurry of activity in the martyrs' cemetery marks the busiest period for the militant movement since the 2006 war with Israel, in which an estimated 400 of its members died. All the new graves here have been dug in the past 10 days. Many others have been sealed with the familiar yellow and green standard in villages across Lebanon where the rumblings of a very different war have now boiled over into sacrifice and loss.
The newly arrived dead have ushered in a new reality for Hezbollah, one that has taken more than two years of uprising and war in neighbouring Syria to publicly acknowledge: all the fallen have died fighting Arabs in Syria, not Jews in Israel. Such a shift in orientation, for so long denied by the group's leadership, is now being worn as a badge of honour by the families of the dead.......

.....As the tally of dead and injured has mounted over the past week, a clearer picture has emerged of the depth of the group's involvement in Syria, a battle that Nasrallah had long denied joining.
The impact of such a shift is resounding across Lebanon and beyond. Sectarian tensions, which have bubbled away as the crisis has worn on, are now more visible and potent than for many decades.....

Its hand perhaps forced by the sheer volume of dead and wounded coming back from Qusair, the group has only this past week felt comfortable enough to drop the veil on its role in Syria. But even now, the graveyard clamour and pageantry of martyrdom has not led Hezbollah's leaders to address their direct involvement – a move that has profound implications both in Lebanon and across the region.
So far, justification is being left to the group's support base, much of which seems to be onside with the decision, citing a need to strike pre-emptively against rebel groups that they believe will come to fight them next.
"I am with Hezbollah in this decision, because it is better that we fight them there than here [Where did I hear this line before?? Oh, that was the line used by George W. Bush, of course!]," said a Dahiyah resident, Mohammed Abdullah.......

.... By Friday, at least 30 Hezbollah members had returned in death shrouds. Many dozens more were injured. Its supporters estimated that the toll was much higher, with some well connected sources saying that a Syrian jet had mistakenly bombed a large group of Hezbollah members, killing up to 20 on Tuesday......"

Real News Video: Yes Mr President, This Is Who We Are

Michael Ratner and Paul Jay analyze President Obama's defense of his drone and Guantanamo policies - a policy based on continuing US dominance in the Middle East; Obama's speech was interrupted by Code Pink's Medea Benjamin  

More at The Real News

Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin Interrupts Obama Speech

The Code Pink activist confronted the President on drones, Gitmo

"President Obama was interrupted during a major speech on national security policy by Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin, who shouted from the back of the auditorium about his administration’s abusive policies of indefinite detention and drone warfare, leading the president to acknowledge her and even pause to let her finish.
9f51384f46b1b311320f6a7067008d51Obama lamented efforts by Congress to prevent the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention center, saying it “never should have been opened.” At this point, Benjamin, who had remained quiet for almost the whole hour, shouted at the President, reminding him that it is perfectly within his power to close the facility on his own.
“Let me finish ma’am,” the President said, as he stumbled over the interruption to continue his prepared remarks.
“I’m willing to cut that young lady who interrupted me some slack, because it’s worth being passionate about,” Obama said. “Is this who we are?” Obama asked in reference to his indefinite detention policies. “Is that something our Founders foresaw?”
Media spoke up again when Obama failed to more fully address the killing of Abdulrahman Awlaki, the 16-year old son of suspected terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, in a 2011 drone strike in Yemen.
What about him? Benjamin asked, as Obama paused to wait for her to be escorted out by security.
Can you tell the Muslims that their lives are as precious as our lives?” Benjamin asked rhetorically as she was dragged out. “Can you take the drones out of the hands of the CIA? Can you stop the signature strikes that are killing people on the basis of suspicious activity? Will you compensate the families of innocent victims you have killed?”
“I love my country,” she said. “I love the rule of law. The drones are making us less safe.”
Once she was fully escorted out, Obama said, “The voice of that woman is worth paying attention to.”
After the speech, The Huffington Post’s Ryan Reilly interviewed Benjamin........"

EVEN HAMAS IS NOW CRITICAL OF ITS "MUSLIM BROTHERS" IN EGYPT: هنية يدعو مصر إلى إلغاء اتفاقية كامب ديفيد مع إسرائيل

"غزة- (يو بي اي): دعا رئيس الحكومة الفلسطينية المقالة، إسماعيل هنية، اليوم الجمعة، مصر إلى إلغاء اتفاقية كامب ديفيد مع إسرائيل، حاثاً على انتهاج استراتيجية جديدة في التعامل مع سيناء ومعبر رفح.

وقال هنية في خطبة الجمعة التي ألقاها بمسجد خليل الوزير بغزة، “من باب الإخوة وليس من باب الإلزام.

ندعو (القيادة المصرية) إلى إلغاء أو إعادة النظر في اتفاقية كامب ديفيد، خاصة الملاحق الأمني التي تؤدي للفراغ الأمني الذي يمكن أن يستغل من الإسرائيليين للعبث بأمن مصر وطرح أجندات مستعجلة على بساط البحث داخل أروقة صنع القرار المصري”.

وأضاف “من موقع الإخوة ندعو إلى بناء استراتيجية شاملة للتعامل مع سيناء وأهلنا في سيناء والشعب السيناوي في مقدمتها التنمية وإعادة الاعتبار للعلاقات وحماية هذه الأرض كأرض مصرية كاملة السيادة”.

كما دعا “للتعامل مع سياسة جديدة في التعامل مع معبر رفح بحيث لا يتأثر بالأحداث التي تقع في الجانب المصري هنا أرض وشعب محاصر”، مشيراً إلى أن روح جديدة وجدت بعد ثورة 25 كانون الثاني/ يناير هي موضع احترام وتقدير.

وقال “أمام ما جرى (الإغلاق الأخير للمعبر بعد خطف الجنود المصريين في العريش) ندعو لتثبيت علاقة جديدة بحيث نُعمِل القانون ونبقي سيادة الدولة، وأن لا يسمح لأفراد أو أطراف ما لاتخاذ إجراءات تضع شعب بكامله، 2 مليون فلسطيني في غزة، رهينة تطورات في الجانب الآخر”.

وأشار إلى أنه أجرى اتصالاً هاتفياً اليوم مع رئيس ديوان رئيس الجمهورية المصري محمد رفاعة طهطاوي، لـ”تجديد التهنئة بتحرر الجنود المصريين، وإقرارنا بالحكمة في التعامل مع قضية الاختطاف وبشأن معبر رفح والعالقين”، لافتاً إلى أنه وعد خيراً بالأمر ومتابعته ورفعه للرئيس المصري محمد مرسي.


Current Al-Jazeera (Arabic) Online Poll

Do you support the intervention of outside forces to support both sides in the Syrian conflict?

With about 200 responding so far, 67% said no. 

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Killing Americans: Jeremy Scahill on Obama Admin’s Admission 4 U.S. Citizens Died in Drone Strikes

Democracy Now!

"The Obama administration has admitted for the first time to killing four U.S. citizens in drone strikes overseas. Three died in Yemen: the Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, his 16-year-old son Abdulrahman al-Awlaki and Samir Khan. A fourth, Jude Kenan Mohammed — whose death was not previously reported — was killed in Pakistan. In a letter to Congress, Attorney General Eric Holder suggested that all but the attack on the elder al-Awlaki were accidental, saying the other three "were not specifically targeted." The admission came on the eve of a major address in which President Obama is expected to defend the secret targeted killing program and announce modified guidelines for carrying it out. We’re joined by Jeremy Scahill, author of the new book, "Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield," and co-producer of the upcoming documentary film by the same name....."

هكذا تنهض الشعوب والأوطان

مرّ أكثر من قرن والعرب يحلمون ويوعَدون بالنهضة والإصلاح. تنوّعت الأطروحات والزعامات وتكرّرت المحاولات، وفي كل مرة تخيب الآمال وتتحطّم الأحلام ولنفس الأسباب: حسابات خاطئة وخطط ارتجالية، وأداء هزيل لنخب نرجسية وانتهازية تستبيح كل شيء في صراع وجودي لاحتكار السلطة بلا ضوابط ولا محرّمات سرعان ما يتمخّض عن هيمنة وإقصاء يقابلهما خضوع تحته تربّص وتعويق ومراهنة على الفشل، وتَطَبّع المغلوب بطباع الغالب، وارتهان الفرقاء والبلاد للخارج، مما يفتح الثغرات ويستدعي الأطماع والمؤامرات، وتُدار البلاد بالترقيع والمسكنّات وتتدحرج نحو الاستبداد والتبعية والفساد. 
شتان بين قادة الحركة الصهيونية الذين خططوا لتحصين دولة الاحتلال قبل قيامها، وبين سياسيين عرب يتنازعون السلطة قبل بناء الدولة بل قبل تحرير البلاد
فالخلاف بين الساسة العرب –وفي الحياة عامة– عداوة ويحسم بمنطق "أنا أو الطوفان" و"علي وعلى أعدائي"، ورغم المظاهر العصرية الخادعة فقد ظلت السياسة العربية في جوهرها قبائل تتنازع غنائم، والله يقول "ولا تنازعوا فتفشلوا وتذهب ريحكم"، وشتان بين التنازع والتدافع. ولك أن تقارن بين قادة الحركة الصهيونية الذين خططوا لتحصين دولة الاحتلال قبل قيامها، وبين سياسيين عرب يتنازعون السلطة قبل بناء الدولة، بل قبل تحرير البلاد، فلا أحد يفوق الساسة العرب –إلا ما رحم ربي– في الهوس بالسلطة والاستعداد للتفريط في المصلحة الوطنية.
وهكذا ضاعت فرص عديدة وظلت البلاد تراوح مكانها بسبب ضعف ذاكرة الشعوب وغياب ثقافة التوثيق والتقييم والاعتبار والمحاسبة، فلا أحد يتحمل مسؤولية أخطائه فضلا أن يعتذر أو يعتزل، الكل يتفنّن في التنصّل من المسؤولية وإيجاد المبرّرات والشمّاعات، ولم يهتد بلد عربي واحد إلى طريق النهوض، بل إن كثيرا منها في تراجع، والسبب بسيط: غياب مشروع نهضوي وزعامات وطنية تعبّئ الشعب وتوحّده، وضعف الهوية الوطنية والحس الوطني لحساب الولاءات والنزعات والأجندات الفئوية.
أوجد الربيع العربي الأمل في كسر هذه الحلقة المفرغة حيث تجاوزت الشعوب النخب والأحزاب وتوحّدت على مطالب شعبية وتحت راية وطنية، ولكن الأحداث سرعان ما تدحرجت باتجاه المسار المعهود والنتيجة المألوفة، فأخطأت البلاد طريق النهضة ولم تتغير السياسات والأوضاع إلا قليلا.
ولكن لعل من أكبر حسنات الربيع العربي أنه أسقط الأقنعة وأزال الأوهام، وأثبت أنه لا جدوى من التغيير الفوقي ولا أمل في الزعامات والأحزاب القائمة المهووسة بالسلطة وليس بالنهضة، وما شهدناه من أداء سياسي مخيّب هو عيّنة لما هو قادم، ومن لا يزال يعلّق آماله في النهضة والإصلاح على الدستور والانتخابات ونهاية المرحلة الانتقالية فهو واهم.

What is the U.S. REALLY doing in Syria?

By Stephen M. Walt

"Permit me to indulge today in a bit of speculation, for which I don't have a lot of hard evidence. As I read this article yesterday on Hezbollah's involvement in the Syrian civil war, I began to wonder whether U.S. involvement in that conflict isn't more substantial than I have previously thought. And then I did a bit of web surfing and found this story, which seemed to confirm my suspicions. Here's my chain of reasoning:
1. The Syrian conflict has become a proxy fight between the opposition and its various allies (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Turkey, etc.) and Bashar al-Assad's regime and its various outsider supporters (Iran, Russia, Hezbollah).
2. For Washington, this war has become a golden opportunity to inflict a strategic defeat on Iran and its various local allies and thus shift the regional balance of power in a pro-American direction.
3. Israel's calculations are more complicated, given that it had a good working relationship with the Assad regime and is concerned about a failed state emerging next door. But on balance, a conflict that undermines Iran, further divides the Arab/Islamic world, and distracts people from the continued colonization of the West Bank is a net plus. So Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won't object if the United States gets more deeply engaged.
4. Consistent with its buck-passing instincts, Barack Obama's administration does not want to play a visible role in the conflict. This is partly because Americans are rightly tired of trying to govern war-torn countries, but also because America isn't very popular in the region and anyone who gets too close to the United States might actually lose popular support. So no boots on the ground, no "no-fly zones," and no big, highly visible shipments of U.S. arms. Instead, Washington can use Qatar and Saudi Arabia as its middlemen, roles they are all too happy to play for their own reasons.
5. Since taking office, Obama has shown a marked preference for covert actions that don't cost too much and don't attract much publicity, combined with energetic efforts to prosecute leakers. So an energetic covert effort in Syria would be consistent with past practice. Although there have been news reports that the CIA is involved in vetting and/or advising some opposition groups, we still don't know just how deeply involved the U.S. government is. (There has been a bit of speculation in the blogosphere that the attack on Benghazi involved "blowback" from the Syrian conflict, but I haven't seen any hard evidence to support this idea.)
6. In this scenario, the Obama administration may secretly welcome the repeated demands for direct U.S. involvement made by war hawks like Sen. John McCain. Rejecting the hawks' demands for airstrikes, "no-fly zones," or overt military aid makes it look like U.S. involvement is actually much smaller than it really is.

To repeat: The above analysis is mostly speculative on my part. I have no concrete evidence that the full scenario sketched above is correct, and I don't know what the level of U.S. involvement in the Syrian civil war really is. But that's what troubles me: I don't like not knowing what my government is doing, allegedly to make me safer or to advance someone's idea of the "national interest." And if you're an American, neither should you. If the United States is now orchestrating a lot of arms shipments, trying to pick winners among the opposition, sending intelligence information to various militias, and generally meddling in a very complicated and uncertain conflict, don't you think the president owes us a more complete account of what America's public servants are or are not doing, and why?"

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While Arabs Slaughter Each Other and Sectarian Hatred Spreads, Israel Has Become the Superpower of the Region! Israel is world's largest drone exporter

Half of Israel's drone exports are to Europe, including a substantial number to the UK, according to a recent study
The Israeli army's Heron unmanned drone
in Jerusalem,
Israel is the world's largest exporter of drones, mainly to Europe, Asia and Latin America, in a trade worth more than $4.6bn (£3bn) over the past eight years.
A study by the business consultancy Frost and Sullivan found that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) account for almost 10% of Israel's military exports. Sales have declined from a peak in 2010, but Israel has recently signed a $100m deal, not included in the figures, with India to upgrade its drones.
Just over half of Israel's drone exports were to Europe, including a substantial number to the UK. Less than 4% of UAV sales were to America.
Israel is considered at the forefront of military technological development. It regularly uses drones to monitor activity in Gaza and carry out targeted assassinations......"

Al-Jazeera Video: ما وراء الخبر- حزب الله والقتال الدائر سوريا

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Al Jazeera roiled by US manager’s decision to censor Joseph Massad article

By Ali Abunimah

  • Al Jazeera restores Massad’s article and denies political pressure.
  • Massad expresses disappointment in network’s actions.
  • The Electronic Intifada reveals the political and commercial fears that motivated top manager Ehab Al Shihabi’s move to remove article.
  • Azmi Bishara condemns “cowardly” decision.
"Days after a top Al Jazeera executive ordered the removal of an op-ed critical of Zionism by Joseph Massad, the article was today restored to the network’s English-language website.
Imad Musa, the head of Al Jazeera English Online, also posted a statement on the Editor’s Blog denying that Al Jazeera had “succumbed to various pressures, and censored its own pages” when it removed the article.
The about-face follows a growing uproar inside and outside Al Jazeera over the article’s removal, amid fears for editorial independence and freedom of speech as the Qatar-based network prepares to launch Al Jazeera America......

Massad “heartened” by reaction

Massad, who has written for the Al Jazeera English website for two years, welcomed the restoration of his article, but expressed disappointment in Al Jazeera’s statement in a response sent to The Electronic Intifada:.....

“Cowardly” decision

Azmi Bishara, the Palestinian political leader and academic and one of Al Jazeera’s most prominent commentators, forcefully condemned the network’s action as “cowardly and opportunistic.”

In a statement on his Facebook page hours before Massad’s article was restored, Bishara said that the deletion of Massad’s article followed false accusations of anti-Semitism by “Zionist” and “racist” individuals.
Relating the move to the planned launch of Al Jazeera America, Bishara added, “If the price of Al Jazeera’s entry into the United States means its submission to Zionist dictates, then this means that America will be moving into Al Jazeera and not the reverse.”

Given that even Massad’s university, Columbia, had eventually stood up to similar false and disproven accusations and campaigns, Bishara noted that Al Jazeera had been “even less vigilant than Columbia in defending the rights of an Arab professor to express his opinion. Shame on you.”........

Restoring credibility?

What Bishara has said publicly, many present and former Al Jazeera staffers have been saying privately. Yet many Al Jazeera journalists are determined to retain the respect that the network has enjoyed for being willing to take on stories and offer voices – especially on Palestine – that no other network of its size would touch.
The restoration of Massad’s article, they must hope, will be a first step towards regaining Al Jazeera’s reputation as a place where free discussion of Palestine, Zionism and Israel are still permitted, even if it doesn’t always sell on Main Street. But there’s no doubt the damage has been great......."

اهالي قتلى حزب الله في القصير يطردون السوريين من الجنوب

لبنان: مصرع خمسة باشتباكات طائفية ونزوح كثيف في طرابلس

بيروت ـ ‘القدس العربي’ ـ من سعد الياس: اهتز الامن على الحدود اللبنانية السورية في منطقة الشمال حيث تعرضت قرى عديدة في منطقة عكار لسقوط قذائف من الجانب السوري أسفرت عن سقوط قتلى وجرحى، في وقت لا تزال مشاركة حزب الله في القتال في سورية تتقدم كل الاخبار في ضوء ارتفاع عدد القتلى والجرحى.
جاء ذلك فيما قتل خمسة اشخاص الثلاثاء واصيب العشرات في اشتباكات متواصلة منذ يومين في مدينة طرابلس بشمال لبنان، بين سنة وعلويين منقسمين على خلفية النزاع في سورية.
وقال مصدر من المدينة ان القتلى اربعة من السنة بينهم إمام مسجد منطقة باب التبانة، وعلوي واحد في اشتباكات عنيفة، تستخدم فيها مختلف انواع الاسلحة، منها قذائف هاون.
وتشهد المدينة منذ الاحد اشتباكات متقطعة بين منطقة باب التبانة ذات الغالبية السنية والمتعاطفة مع المعارضة السورية، وجبل محسن ذات الغالبية العلوية، وهي الاقلية الدينية التي ينتمي اليها الرئيس السوري بشار الاسد.
وادت الاشتباكات في اليومين الماضيين الى مقتل اربعة اشخاص آخرين على الاقل، بينهم عنصران من الجيش اللبناني قتلا امس الاول، بحسب ما افادت قيادة الجيش-مديرية التوجيه.
واشار المصدر الى تسجيل حركة نزوح كثيفة من منطقة باب التبانة في اتجاه الاحياء الداخلية لطرابلس، كبرى مدن الشمال، والتي قطعت الطريق الدولية بينها وبين الحدود السورية بسبب اعمال القنص.
وذكر موقع ‘شفاف’ الالكتروني ان ‘الامين العام لـ’حزب الله’ حسن نصرالله توجه الى مدينة الهرمل في البقاع اللبناني، حيث خاطب مقاتلين من الحزب قبل توجههم الى بلدة القصير السورية للمشاركة في القتال، كما تحدث عبر اللاسلكي الى المقاتلين المنتشرين في المدينة لشحذ هممهم، فيما قال ناشطون معارضون ان نحو 30 من مقاتلي الحزب و20 من أفراد القوات السورية و’الشبيحة’ قتلوا في اشتباكات البلدة في اليومين الماضيين.
وقال الموقع ان ‘الهرمل التي تعرضت لـ 8 صواريخ ‘غراد’ شهدت في الليل السابق
تجمعاً كبيراً لمقاتلين من ‘حزب الله’ والحرس الثوري الايراني، وان نصرالله حضر الى المدينة وخاطب هؤلاء المقاتلين قبل توجههم الى القصير، كما ارسل رسالة تم التقاطها عبر جهاز اللاسلكي للمقاتلين المنتشرين على جبهات البلدة ليشحذ هممهم ويرفدهم بالمعنويات’.وافاد الموقع ان ‘نصرالله وجه نداء ‘لبيك يا صاحب الزمان وادركنا يا صاحب الزمان’ الى مقاتلي القصير بعد ان خاطبهم قائلاً: ‘الى رجال الله كفاهم فخراً، بوركت سواعدكم السمراء، رجال الله في القصير لكم منا كل التحايا انتم ايها الحسينيون، يا ابناء محمد، وعلي، وفاطمة، والحسن، والحسين، انتم شجاعة العباس، واصحاب الحسين بكربلاء، يا صرخة زينب عبر التاريخ تلك التي هزت عرش يزيد واليزيديين’.تابع نصرالله: ‘نعم انتم في القصير تقولون لن تسبى زينب مرتين، ليتني كنت معكم، ليتني رصاصكم، ليتني مع وسداتكم في سوح الكرامة والعنفوان، ليتني زغردة حناجركم، حياكم الله ونصركم على الضلال كله والكفر كله’.الى ذلك، أفيد عن وصول دفعة جديدة من عناصر ‘حزب الله’ الذين قتلوا في المعارك في القصير الى منطقة الجنوب وعددها يقارب 17 عنصراً.

وذكرت المعلومات ان القتلى هم: نادر حسن ترحيني ـ عبا، نعيم سامر ظاهر ـ عربصاليم، سعادة علي محمود ـ لبايا، حسن محمد حدرج ـ حبوش، علي حسن بدران ـ دير الزهراني، محمد جواد راضي ـ زبقين، علي محمود معلم ـ كفررمان، رائف محمد عليق، ماجد علي العلي ـ دير قانون النهر، حسن حسين مهدي ـ القصيبة، علي رمزي كوثراني ـ النميرية، وليد محمد سليمان، جواد سليمان العلي ـ ميدون، سمير محمد حجازي بليدا، حاتم حسين ـ النفاخية، ورضا عاشور وحسن حريري.
وفي سياق متصل، وفي اعقاب انتشار انباء مقتل العناصر في القرى والبلدات الجنوبية بدأت عمليات التعرض للعمال السوريين في القرى والبلدات الجنوبية.وفي اعقاب نعي محسن سمير برو من بلدة الشرقية الجنوبية’والاعلان عن موعد دفنه عصر امس الثلاثاء في جبانة بلدته، قام عدد من الاهالي المستنكرين لمقتل برو بطرد العمال السوريين الذين غادروا الشرقية نحو الاودية المحيطة بها في الكوثرية ليبيتوا ليلتهم في العراء.
وعند العاشرة والنصف من ليل الإثنين اطلق مجهولون قنبلة صوتية في اتجاه مجمع يقطنه عمال سوريون في ساحة بلدة الشرقية لم تتسبب بإصابة أي من العمال.ولفتت المعلومات الى ان دورية من مخفر درك الدوير حضرت الى المكان ولم تجد في المجمع المستهدف سوى عامل سوري واحد بعدما تركه رفاقه خوفاً من عملية انتقام قد يتعرضون لها على ايدي ذوي واقرباء القتيل برو واهالي بلدته.
وفي برعشيت، واثر اعلان ‘حزب الله’ عن مقتل احد كوادره خليل يوسف مزهر، في القصير السورية، من مئذنة مسجد البلدة، والدعوة لتشييعه الثلاثاء، توجه عند الحادية عشرة الا ربعاً من ليل الإثنين، عدد من اقرباء وذوي القتيل، الى المنازل التي يقطنها عدد من النازحين والعمال السوريين واعتدوا عليهم بالضرب بالعصي والسكاكين ما ادى الى إصابة النازح السوري حميدي عدنان الخليفة بكسر بقدمه، نقل اثره الى مستشفى صلاح غندور في بنت جبيل، فيما فرّ عدد من السوريين من البلدة في اتجاه القرى المحيطة في بنت جبيل. وحضرت عناصر من الجيش والدرك واللجنة الامنية لحزب الله لتطويق الاشكال لمنع تفاقمه.
أما على الحدود الشمالية فقد سقط عدد من القذائف الصاروخية على بلدات قنية، كلخا، الحنيدر والكنيسة ما أدى الى سقوط عدد من الإصابات نقلوا جميعاً الى مستشفى السلام في القبيات.
ولاحقاً سقطت 3 قذائف في خراج بلدتي المونسى والعماير، تزامنا مع تشييع 3 قتلى سوريين، كانوا قضوا فجر امس في المواجهات داخل الاراضي السورية وتم سحبهم من وادي سرحان السوري، الى بلدة العماير حيث شيعوا، اثنان منهم من قرية اكوم السورية وآخر من قرية الهيت السورية ايضا.و ساد الخوف منطقتي جبل اكروم ووادي جرّاء تدهور الأوضاع حيث سجل نزوح عدد من المواطنين اللبنانيين من منازلهم الواقعة عند الحدود اللبنانية السورية مباشرة.الى ذلك، نقلت خمس جثث من عناصر المجموعات التي هاجمت المواقع السورية في جبل اكروم بواسطة سيارات الصليب الأحمر الى منطقة وادي خالد وهم قتلى سوريون.
تزامناً، وقع اشكال بين عناصر مركز الجيش اللبناني في بلدة العوادة في منطقة وادي خالد واشخاص لم يمتثلوا للتوقف عند حاجز الجيش، ما ادى الى اصابة احد ركاب السيارة وتم نقله بواسطة سيارة اسعاف تابعة للصليب الاحمر اللبناني الى مستشفى اسيدة السلامب في القبيات. واوقف الجيش شخصا من آل الشيبان، الامر الذي ترك تداعيات في بلدات وادي خالد حيث اقدم محتجون على قطع طريق الهيشة ـ وادي خالد.

Al-Jazeera Video:في العمق- تحديات أمام الثورة السورية

With Azmi Bishara


Al-Jazeera Video: حديث الثورة- القراءات الإسرائيلية بالِشأن السوري

"تعرف إسرائيل أن ما يحدث في أطراف سوريا من قتال ضروس يعني لأمنها الكثير لذلك لن تبقى المتفرج فأرسلت طائراتها لتشن غارات استهدفت العمق السوري. ما هو التقييم الإسرائيلي للغارات؟ لماذا جاءت ضغوط إسرائيل على واشنطن للتخفيف عن الأسد؟

Restricting Speech Restricts Arab Freedom

 Sarah Leah Whitson
Human Rights Watch

"The sight of hundreds of thousands of Arabs marching on the streets of a number of Arab countries, demanding their dignity and rights, will remain among the iconic images of the twenty-first century. The willingness of so many citizens to take such tremendous risks to their own lives, with thousands dying for their freedom, stunned a world long accustomed to the image of the resigned, subordinate, cynical Arab masses.
Some people have had their head put to the ground so you can raise your head up high.
Yet, even in countries that have succeeded in dislodging autocratic regimes and holding democratic elections, there has been a disconnect between the public’s passionate demonstrations for freedom and their commitment to the legislative and institutional reforms needed to protect their rights against future government abuses. There is widespread buy-in for restraints on the power of security forces, but little recognition among citizens that free speech and independent civil society are the bulwarks of freedom from tyranny.
Egypt offers the best example of this disconnect......

Yet on the issue of free speech the new government has relied on restrictions that the Mubarak government routinely used to muzzle government critics.......

In Tunisia as well,........ The governments have used laws inherited from the deposed president, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, to prosecute several people for speech deemed “immoral” or “harmful to public order,” such as sculptors and bloggers, but also for “impugning the reputation of the military.”

Again and again in my decades of observation and meetings in the region, I have seen widespread support for limits on speech, not just in Egypt, but throughout the Middle East. Many citizens from a wide cross-section of society see no contradiction between the right to speak critically of government officials (or their religion) and the “right” of officials (and even institutions) to punish those who allegedly insult them. Much of the Arab public cares little for the fact that international human rights law rejects “insult” as a legitimate limit on speech, because it easily can be used to stifle critics and opponents and to restrict the vigorous public debate that is essential for government accountability........"      

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Al Jazeera management orders Joseph Massad article pulled in act of pro-Israel censorship


By Ali Abunimah

"In an unprecedented act of political censorship Al Jazeera English has deleted an article by noted Columbia University Professor Joseph Massad after coming under intense criticism from Zionists in recent days.

Massad told The Electronic Intifada that he had “received confirmation” from his editor at Al Jazeera English that “management pulled the article.” The Electronic Intifada was able to independently confirm that the article was pulled.

The piece, “The Last of the Semites,” published on 14 May, was taken down from the main Al Jazeera English site this morning – the link now redirects to Al Jazeera’s main page. It has also disappeared from Massad’s personal page on the Al Jazeera website.

The article had been one of the most viewed and emailed articles on the site and had been tweeted hundreds of times.

Intense criticism

Since its publication, the article generated intense criticism from Zionist extremists, including a columnist in the virulently anti-Palestinian Jerusalem Post, and condemnation on Twitter from President Barack Obama’s favorite Israel lobby gatekeeper and former Israeli prison guard Jeffrey Goldberg......

The “The Last of the Semites” was based on a lecture Massad gave at a conference in Stuttgart (PDF), Germany, to a largely German audience, just last week:

But why would this happen now?
One reasonable interpretation would be that the removal of Massad’s article reflects a tightening of the editorial line as the network launches its new channel, Al Jazeera America, which will rely – for access to cable systems, and “mainstream” credibility – on forging good relations with US elites.
An illustration of what this process might look like was on display when Ehab Al Shihabi, executive director of Al Jazeera’s international operations and the official responsible for setting up Al Jazeera America, recently visited Chicago – which will be home to a major Al Jazeera bureau.
While in the city, Al Shihabi struck up a cozy relationship with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, President Barack Obama’s former chief of staff.
Emanuel, a major powerbroker in America’s ruling Democratic Party, is, of course, also notorious for his hardline pro-Israel positions.
It is unknown if Al Shihabi had anything directly to do with the removal of Massad’s article – that decision would almost certainly have been taken at an even higher level in Doha – but his dalliance with Emanuel is a good indicator of who Al Jazeera is out to impress......"

Al-Jazeera Video: Rami Khouri speaks to Al Jazeera


"Director of the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs at the American University of Beirut, Rami Khouri, speaks to Al Jazeera about the latest violence in Syria."

Al-Jazeera Video:Inside Syria - Syria: Atrocities on both sides?

Al-Jazeera Video: حديث الثورة- أدلة وشهادات لتعذيب النظام السوري لسجناء

EU decision to lift Syrian oil sanctions boosts jihadist groups

Jabhat al-Nusra, an al-Qaida affiliate, consolidates position as scramble for control of wells accelerates


A man walks at a makeshift oil refinery site
A makeshift oil refinery site in al-Mansoura village, al-Raqqa province. Photograph: Reuters

"The EU decision to lift Syrian oil sanctions to aid the opposition has accelerated a scramble for control over wells and pipelines in rebel-held areas and helped consolidate the grip of jihadist groups over the country's key resources.

Jabhat al-Nusra, affiliated with al-Qaida and other extreme Islamist groups, control the majority of the oil wells in Deir Ezzor province, displacing local Sunni tribes, sometimes by force. They have also seized control of other fields from Kurdish groups further to the north-east, in al-Hasakah governorate.

As opposition groups have turned their guns on each other in the battle over oil, water and agricultural land, military pressure on Bashar al-Assad's government from the north and east has eased off. In some areas, al-Nusra has struck deals with government forces to allow the transfer of crude across the front lines to the Mediterranean coast......."

How Qatar seized control of the Syrian revolution

By Roula Khalaf and Abigail Fielding-Smith
Financial Times
Qatar’s Sheikh Hamad and his wife (centre) being greeted by Bashar and Asma al-Assad in Syria, 2008
"As the Arab world’s bloodiest conflict grinds on, Qatar has emerged as a driving force: pouring in tens of millions of dollars to arm the rebels. Yet it also stands accused of dividing them - and of positioning itself for even greater influence in the post-Assad era. FT investigation by Roula Khalaf and Abigail Fielding-Smith......

Yet, as the Arab world’s bloodiest uprising grinds on into its third year, Qatar finds itself pulled into a complicated and fractured conflict, the outcome of which has a decreasing ability to influence, while simultaneously becoming a high-profile scapegoat for participants on both sides. Among the Syrian regime’s numerous but fragmented opponents the small Gulf state evokes a surprisingly ambivalent – and often overtly hostile – response......

To some extent, the fact that Qatar is so exposed reflects the reluctance of western governments to intervene in Syria. However, for Qatar, Syria is also the culmination of an opportunistic foreign policy which saw Doha become the unlikely backer of other Arab revolts in north Africa – and a friend of those who emerge as winners, in most cases Islamists......."

THE USRAELI PLAN ALL ALONG: Israeli intelligence official: Assad preferable to rebels

Senior Israeli official speaks to London-based Times, says Israel prefers weak Assad to terrorist takeover: 'Better the devil we know than demons we imagine'

"Intelligence sources in Israel spoke to the London-based "The Times" and said that an intact, but weakened, Assad regime would be preferable for Israel and the entire region.

Better the devil we know than the demons we can only imagine if Syria falls into chaos and the extremists from across the Arab world gain a foothold there," a senior Israeli intelligence officer in the north of the country was quoted ny the paper as saying.

An additional defense official, who also remained unnamed in The Times' report, said that at first Israel had assessed that Assad’s regime would fall sooner.

“We originally underestimated Assad’s staying power and overestimated the rebels’ fighting power,” the official said, adding that in any case, it was preferable for Israel that the two sides fight each other instead of joining forces against Israel......."