Saturday, November 29, 2014

Amnesty International condemns forced evictions in the Sinai

Amnesty International issued a statement on Thursday denouncing the Egyptian army's forced displacement of its population under the pretext of securing the border in the Sinai Peninsula.
The organisation stressed the need to stop the arbitrary demolition of hundreds of homes and its on-going forced evacuations in Rafah located in northern Sinai in order to create a buffer zone along the border with the Gaza Strip. There have been recent signs indicating that the project has been expanded.
The statement issued by Amnesty highlighted that: "The Egyptian authorities are conducting multiple operations and have forcefully evicted more than one thousand inhabitants from their homes. This is a violation of international and human rights law as well as Egyptian national law". The international human rights organisation emphasised that while the Egyptian authorities have the right to secure their borders, they must do so in a way that complies with international human rights law.

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