Friday, September 19, 2014

The ISIS Problem

By Tony Sayegh
كاريكاتير: داعش

We can all agree that the US is the major part of the problem. Therefore, it cannot be a part of the solution.

It was clear from the beginning that USraeli policy in Syria has at least 3 major objectives:

1) Create as many factions and divisions as possible and have them fight and exhaust each other.

2) In the process destroy the Syrian state.

3) Lure in the Jihadis from all over, supposedly to fight Assad. Arming, training and financing them primarily through Saudi Arabia. By luring them into one spot, as you lure flies using honey, it would become easier to destroy them later, as is happening now.

All this should have been obvious to the Syrian resistance. But unfortunately, the majority of the resistance bought the lie that the US and the Saudis really wanted to help them to get rid of Assad.

Now that the US has accomplished a lot of its objectives and the lie has been exposed, the Syrians find themselves in disarray and scratching their heads about what to do.

The soul-searching should lead the Syrians to redefine their resistance, close ranks and primarily rely on themselves and not on the US or the Saudis. Fighting ISIS on behalf of the US should not be their priority. 

If the resistance had the right leadership, not many Syrians would have flocked to the Jihadis and ISIS would not be what it is today.

Enough dancing to the US tunes: The US is the problem and it cannot be a part of the solution.