Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Netanyahu: Israel Strikes Syria ‘From Time to Time’

Says Israel Will Continue Strikes Against Syria

Speaking today at a conference in Acre, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered a rare confirmation of military operations against targets in Syria, confirming that the nation carries out such operations “from time to time.
Netanyahu confirmed that the operations are meant to prevent weapons from being smuggled from Syria into neighboring Lebanon, and insisted that Israel will continue to carry out such strikes in the future.
Israel not only rarely confirms its attacks inside Syria, it is often unclear when such attacks are actually taking place. The most recent report was only a week ago, with 13 people killed along the border in an apparent attack on a Hezbollah base. Israel never commented on the matter at all.
Israel’s overflights along the Syria-Lebanon border have reportedly at times been limited by Russia’s presence in the area, but the two nations are said to be communicating closely, with Russia allowing Israel to continue its policy of limited, and ambiguous, attacks on targets in Syria.

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