Monday, September 11, 2006



Coming on the heels of the Blair mission, I smell something very fishy. I am afraid that Hamas has been co-opted by shining but empty promises. The "breakthrough" is a formula for Hamas to meet the Usraeli/British/EU demands without openly saying so; a typical Arab/Palestinian charade. In return, Haniyeh gets to keep his "job," whatever that means.

It appears that the Blair circus is building momentum and more pseudo-leaders are jumping on the bandwagon, from Palestine to Lebanon. Get ready to welcome the resurrection of the "peace process" from its grave. The peace process industry has a new convert: Hamas. We, in the Middle East, should be getting ready for 24/7 coverage of the exciting news of this "peace process" and endless meetings, phony smiles and handshakes, press releases, initiatives and empty but solemn promises.

The financial siege on the Palestinians will be lifted, the Puppet Abbas and those who support him (the US and the EU) will get credit, the Palestinians will get their paychecks and get to eat again, but forget about resistance and liberation. In the meantime, building of Israeli colonies on the West Bank (with US financing) will accelerate. A couple of years from now, the "national unity" government will still be "negotiating" about the last 5% left of Palestine. All the Palestinian politicians (including those from Hamas) will be congratulating themselves about such unity, steadfastness and determination.

In the end, all the Palestinians will be the losers, but as they say, the people get the leadership they deserve.

Tony Sayegh

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