Saturday, September 16, 2006


You know, I can't help but notice that when Pope Rottweiler was first selected that Zionists were up in arms over the fact that he was a Hitler youth. Remember when the Zionist uproar revolved around him being a Hitler youth, folks? I do. I remember thinking, "gee, they couldn't find someone that wasn't a Hitler youth?

But now all of a sudden Pope Rottweiler is attacking Islam and the Zionists applaud him for his "astute" observations on Islam? OKKKKKKK.

I really hope that Muslims don't start rioting over his remarks, I mean, I am totally offended on behalf of Muslims by his comments, but let's keep it in perspective, Papa Rottweiler was a Hitler youth.

P.S. my mom showed the first picture to my 2 year old nephew on Christmas and he was so frightened and cried so hard that he horked all over my legs. Kids have great intuition.

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