Monday, September 11, 2006


Latuff threatened!

Just a tiny example how the IsraHell' dirty tactics work.

Now guess what! I'm being threatened by Likud, a right wing party in Israel (former party of Sabra and Shatila butcher Ariel Sharon). In a page linked to Likud,, my picture and some of my cartoons are shown. Along the same old name-calling (Nazi, anti-Semitic...) they say that "This Carlos should be 'taken care of' long time ago, in some way or another."

Of course, we can expect anything from IsraHell. If they can carry on "selective killings" of Palestinians, and carpet Beirut with tons of bombs murdering hundreds of civilians, what is the big deal about "neutralizing" one cartoonist in Brazil? Death threats, cheap attempts to terrorize me, however, will not prevent me from supporting Palestinians in their struggle against brutal Israeli occupation. The most that Likud creeps can do is silence me with a bullet, but they will never be able to silence my art.


September 8, 2006
Rio de Janeiro

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