Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Syria air strike kills refugee in Arsal: local official. What Else is the Syrian Air Force for, but to Kill Syrians?? Even in Lebanon??

The Daily Star

"HERMEL, Lebanon: A Syrian air strike on the outskirts of the Lebanese northeastern town of Arsal targeted a car carrying Syrian refugees, killing a woman and wounding three other people, a local official said.
Arsal Deputy Mayor Ahmad Fliti told The Daily Star that a Syrian warplane fired one rocket into the car carrying the refugees from the Syrian town of Jarajir.

“The car had just crossed the border into Wadi al-Zamarani on the Lebanese side when a Syrian rocket hit it, killing a woman,” Fliti said.
He said the mid-morning strike also wounded three other Syrian refugees who were headed to Arsal at the time.

The National News Agency had said 10 people were wounded in the raid.

Wednesday's raid into Lebanese territory was the second by the Syrian air force this week.
On Monday, two helicopter gunships fired four rockets at Khirbit Daoud, on Arsal's fringes. Minutes earlier, the Lebanese Army had opened fire on a Syrian helicopter gunship that violated Lebanese airspace over the outskirts of Arsal.
Arsal hosts a significant number of Syrians who have fled ongoing clashes across the border between forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad and rebel groups."


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