Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Senior Iranian military leader killed in Syria

Iranian flag
Iranians organised a funeral procession in Al-Ahwaz yesterday for the late leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Hassan Hizbawi who was killed in Syria, alamatonline.netreported.

Sources close to the security and military authorities in Iran reported officials as saying that Hizbawi was killed while defending the tomb of Sayyidah Zaynab in Damascus.
However, Syrian opposition websites said that Hizbawi was killed in the Sheikh Miskeen neighbourhood near Daraa.
A large number of members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have been killed in Syria since the breakout of the revolution in the country, including Abdullah Iskandari, Hassan Shateri, Mohamed Jamali, Ismail Haidari and Jabbar Drisawi.
Hizbawi is the second Arab leader from the Revolutionary Guards who has been killed in Syria. The first was Jabbar Drisawi.

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