Monday, January 21, 2013

Hamas Boldly Tackling Top Palestinian Problems: Hamas campaign targets Western clothes, 'strange' haircuts.

Al-Masry Al-Youm
The Approved Women's Fashion, According to Hamas.

"The religious endowments department of the Hamas-led government in the Central Gaza governorate has launched a campaign to " entrench good values and virtue" that targets Western attire, including low-waist and skinny pants, tight tunics and Western haircuts.

A Central Gaza governorate official, Adel al-Hoor, said the campaign will begin with awareness raising and will not end at a specific date.

He said the campaign primarily targets immodest women's clothing [Hamas determines that, of course.] and "strange" haircuts, claiming that the recent spread of such fashion has negatively impacted society.[Never mind child malnutrition, poverty, unemployment, lack of medical care, etc., etc.

Part of the campaign is to have all preachers raise awareness on proper clothing during Friday sermons, he said, adding that workshops are being held and interactive Facebook pages created for the same purpose......"

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