Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sectarian Cleansing in Homs

Homs has witnessed the most brutal & savage sectarian massacres in Syria. Homs being a city with
huge mix of Sunnis & Alawites has been problomatic for Assad since the start. Assad has pursued a policy of Sectarian cleansing , either displacing the Sunni population or committing Horrific massacres to cleanse it from Sunnis. Cleansing Homs and its country side is essential for Assad's master plan of creating an Alawite state off the coast. This is the latest sectarian massacre committed by regime sectarian death squads of another sunni area. In Iraq sectarian militias used the same strategy to cleanse Baghdad of Sunnis.


Djazaïri said...

It seems you've too much imagination

Zarathustra said...

And it seems you love white washing assad crimes

luxusumzug said...

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