Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Israel’s Worldwide Role in Repression


Long study worth reading...


From South America to South Africa and from  the Mobutu to the Trujillo dictatorships, Israel,
often acting in concert with the United States, has been a key player in undermining popular 
struggles by supplying repressive regimes  with the tools for massive state violence.
The facts and figures given here do not support the many fanciful  theories that circulate about the role of Israeli – or Jewish – “control of the world.” On the contrary, anti-semitic conspiracy theories that 
misinterpret these or similar facts serve to bolster Israeli  propaganda, helping Israel portray itself as victim, even justifying its repression industry as a necessity against such anti-semitism. 
Furthermore, it allows Israel's allies and clients to camouflage their own interests in repressing peoples' movements for freedom. Such conspiracies are thus a disservice to the movements for liberation
everywhere, including the Palestinian struggle.

A major war profiteer and a settler-colonial state, Israel can use its 
profits to further repress and displace Palestinians, developing still 
more deadly weapons in the process. Given how unfamiliar most 
people are with the extent of the Israeli arms industry and the 
industrial scale of its function in suppressing movements, we have 
collected here some of the most atrocious aspects of Israel’s 
repression worldwide.

Israel’s racism is rooted in centuries of European colonialism. It is
integral to global imperialism from which it derives investment,
support, and cover. Israel has worked hand-in-glove with repressive
regimes in every corner of the earth in ways that facilitate the
suppression, murder, assassination, rape, torture, disappearance,
kidnapping, and imprisonment of those struggling for freedom and
justice. Its arms and repression industries continue today through
Israeli state institutions and via private corporations and a
worldwide network of Zionist organizations. Repressive regimes find
a willing and able ally in Israel.

Though well documented, the information we offer is not widely
available in the media or at universities. The states and
corporations that engage in war, the arms trade, occupation,
incarceration, surveillance, and repression benefit from this
information not being publicized. Tracking the trail of Israel’s
function in global repression is an opportunity to expose the players
in this vast industry. There is a need to continue to expose Israel’s 
role in worldwide repression and to support the organizing to end it.

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