Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Egyptian brothers and sisters!

Internal divisions will hinder Egyptians and will compromise the their revolution, argues scholar Hamid Dabashi.

By Hamid Dabashi

Those of you who demonstrated for Morsi do not think of those who rallied against him as your enemies - they are not - just like you they are Egyptians, mostly Muslims, share your fate and dream your common dream for a free and democratic future. They were not asking for a military coup. They were exercising their democratic rights.
Overcome the nasty old colonial divide between the religious and the secular, and the equally pernicious divide between Sunni and the Shia, the Muslim and the Copt, the Jew, the agnostic, the atheist! They are all false divides. Look into each other’s eyes - see your brothers and sisters, with or without a beard, with or without a niqabArrange for joint rallies, hold each other’s hands - you are not each other’s enemies. The enemy is not personified - it is structural to the world we have inherited and your revolution has paved the way for us to change. 
Your magnificent revolution has taught us how to heal these enduring wounds. Those who come with billions to give you they are not the solution - they are part of the problem. Egypt does not need hand out, Egyptians do not need generosity - your magnificent revolution is the definition of generosity. With your industry, your hard work, your ingenuity, you will make Egypt a model for the rest of the world to follow and emulate.
What matters is not Morsi or another politician, Morsi or another president - what matters is the future of Egypt, the fate of millions of human beings and the hopes of even more millions watching Egypt and hoping and wondering and dreaming.
The world watches you with fear and hope, which way will you go - will false divisions destroy your hopes, our hopes, or will the dawn of a new generation of thinking, of solidarity, of purposefulness, deliver you and deliver us all to better days?
May the force of reason, may the light of sanity, and may the grace of your collective will be with you and guide your way! 
Your brother in faith, and in solidarity! "

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