Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gaza Children raising Palestinian flag and Free Syria flag in show of Solidarity


Hausräumung Wien said...

تحياتى لكم .. فين الموضوعات الجديدة

kevser nsr said...

I wish to see real justice in this stony world where every thing are reversed...i wish to see my home palestine free ...I really wish to see palestinian children smiling in the Aid or jumping in the street... we wish and wish and we are sick of wishing,wondering and dreaming...i no longer believe in that knight coming on a white horse ,so called justice,no justice will come and nothing will change;every day people's hearts become worser than the day before...how can th e world's eyes see this and be silent how can we endure this suffering and agony inside our hearts...we can no longer feel any thing...we do not feel our humain blood inside we are just stones and rocks we are watching every thing and knowing every thing and accepting every thing just because we are not strong enough to be at the average of our humanity