Friday, September 20, 2013

Insight: Angered by chemical deal, Syrian rebels may lose the West

"(Reuters) - The Syrian opposition feels badly let down by Washington's decision to do a deal with Moscow to eliminate Bashar al-Assad's chemical weapons but diplomats are warning the Syrian National Coalition that it risks losing Western support if it cannot adapt to new realities[To hell with "Western support". Syrians have to finally realize that they can only depend on themselves. The West has its own agenda and would rather keep a weakened and compliant Assad; so does Israel.].....

The opposition is therefore furious that Washington suddenly and without its knowledge changed course a week after informing leaders of the main Syrian National Coalition that a strike was imminent, according to coalition members.

In the opposition's view, the deal with Russia contains a de facto admission of the legitimacy of the Assad government, undermining the goal of Syrian uprising and the likelihood that any peace talks will result in Assad's removal....."

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