Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Meanwhile in Iraq

At least 22 killed in occupied Iraq: Police also found 12 bound and tortured corpses.

US soldiers criticize their Iraqi counterparts: Some US soldiers say the Iraqis serving alongside them are among the worst they've ever seen -- seeming more loyal to militias than the government.

Iraq, Overstretched Army Bring Bush New Grief: With the U.S. intelligence community agreed that the invasion and occupation of Iraq have made this country less safe from terrorist threats, President George W. Bush appears now to be facing a growing revolt among top military commanders who say U.S. ground forces are stretched close to the breaking point.

Army chief tells Bush: there's not enough money for Iraq war : George Bush suffered a serious rebuke of his wartime leadership yesterday when his army chief said he did not have enough money to fight the war in Iraq.

Iraq MPs row over federalism bill : Some MPs objected angrily to a map drawn up by Kurds in northern Iraq, which showed the disputed city of Kirkuk as part of the Kurdish area.

Arrest warrants issued for 88 former Iraqi officials on corruption charges : The agency has documented the loss of US$7.5 billion (about €6.0 billion) through corruption over the past three years.

White House admits Iraq fuels extremism: The White House acknowledged that Iraq was among several factors that "fuel the spread of jihadism" but said that winning the war would dishearten potential terrorists.

Report’s Startling Conclusion: Bombing People Really Pisses Them Off

Top Generals Hint U.S needs another 60,000 Troops: The reason senior Army leaders want to go to a bigger Army is that they are worried about their ability to fight future threats.

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