Friday, September 29, 2006

Meanwhile in Lebanon

Israel attacked UN post in south Lebanon with precision-guided bomb - UN: An Israeli air attack on a UN base in south Lebanon that killed four peacekeepers last July involved the use of a precision-guided bomb, the United Nations said Friday. "The UN patrol base at Khiam was struck by a 500 kg (1,102-pound) precision-guided aerial bomb"

Children face perils of bomblets in Lebanon :
A 12-year-old child was killed and three others were wounded Wednesday when they triggered a bomblet while playing in a field in the Marjayun area, bringing to 15 the number of civilians killed by Israeli cluster bombs since an August 14 ceasefire.

UN: IDF to leave Lebanon by Monday :
Senior United Nations officials said on Thursday that Israel will complete the withdrawal of its troops from southern Lebanon by Monday morning, Lebanon's leading daily An-Nahar reported on Friday.

Merkava tank production to stop within four years :
Leaders of the project decided that the benefits do not justify the cost of the product. During the fighting in Lebanon, the Merkava tanks sustained serious damage from antitank rockets fired by Hizbullah militants. The tank, which has been boasted as having the best protection in the world, and which was designed for classic tank on tank battles, was not impervious to the rockets.

Israel's "security concerns" delay pullout from Lebanon : Despite their repeated assurances of a quick troop withdrawal from Lebanon, Israeli officials said yesterday they were reluctant to complete the pullout, though six weeks have passed since a cease-fire agreement ended a month of bloody conflict.

UN tells of Israeli border violation: Israel has violated the UN-drawn border it shares with Lebanon, the spokesman for the UN peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon says.

UNIFIL confronts Israeli troops : U.N. peacekeeping forces in south Lebanon intervened for the first time Thursday with Israeli forces who arrested journalists in violation of Resolution 1701.

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