Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Meanwhile in Lebanon

Halutz: If needed we'll fire at Hizbullah supporters: The army chief made it clear that the IDF had issued a warning to the Lebanese army that any use of military equipment in the area, including intelligence means, would constitute a violation of the ceasefire resolution.

IDF: Troops can shoot Lebanese stone-throwers if lives threatened: Israel Defense Forces soldiers have been instructed to shoot Lebanese stone-throwers along the border if they feel their lives are in danger, IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz said on Wednesday.

IDF withdrawal stalled till UNIFIL role spelled out: Nonetheless, Defense Minister Amir Peretz promised yesterday that in spite the differences, the IDF withdrawal will be completed in the near future and the "last soldier will leave southern Lebanon by Yom Kippur," which begins on Sunday evening.

Israelis settle in for long stay in village of Ghajar: The once divided Southern town of Ghajar, half occupied by Israel and half within Lebanese territory, appears to have been finally reunited under one flag. "Khalas, it is gone. It is a new Israeli town and they are even repainting it in Israel''s favorite colors, pink and yellow," said 16-year-old shepherd Walid Ain Zat, who along with his two younger brothers regularly tends his flock of goats in the open fields near the border town.

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