Thursday, September 28, 2006


The Princess of Darkness Rice has been threatening lately of imposing further sanctions against Syria. The Princess wants to cajole Syria into being openly a part of the axis of Arab puppets headed by KSA-Egypt-Jordan with Abbas tagging along.

I was just wondering if, as part of the sanctions, Syria would lose its share of the booming business of "rendition" in which the US outsources "suspects" to Middle Eastern regimes, known for their efficient techniques of extracting whatever information the CIA wants to hear. Syria was more than glad to torture the Canadian Maher Arar for close to a year, to get him to say (falsely) that he had trained in Afghanistan. It turned out that he was innocent of all charges and as a matter of fact had never been to Afghanistan. A Canadian judge recently declared him 100% innocent of all charges. But Syria couldn't care less; it already pocketed the outsourcing fee (in hard currency) and made some brownie points with Uncle Sam in his "fight on terror."

Any loss to Syria in the torture (I mean rendition) business is a gain to Jordan, KSA and Egypt, not to forget Morocco and the rest of the kennel. The Princess might be onto something, for the Syrian regime has a very impressive resume when it comes to extracting information, and it would be a shame if the regime lost some of the business due to sanctions.

Tony Sayegh

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