Saturday, July 21, 2012

Syria endgame: who and what will emerge from the ruins?

Bashar al-Assad is finished – that is a given. But 40 years under a corrupt regime that ruled by fear has left a dangerous vacuum

Martin Chulov in Beirut, Saturday 21 July 2012

"The balance of power in Syria was changed forever on Wednesday. Inside a nondescript three-storey building in the heart of a secure zone in Damascus, three security chiefs were dead and a fourth mortally wounded as the Middle East's most ruthless regime was rocked to its core.

The rebel force filming nearby had just detonated a bomb inside the inner sanctum, something that was never supposed to happen in a state rooted in four decades of totalitarian rule and anchored in fear.

Panic was clear in the voices of the emergency responders, whose radio calls were intercepted by the watching rebels. Their frantic alarm, claim the rebels, showed a dimension to revolutionary Syria that did not exist even hours earlier and had never been a trait during the dynastic rule of the Assads.

Even during four embattled days before the bombing, the regime had maintained the appearance of control as a large rebel force advanced on the capital from three directions – the first time such an assault had been launched in 17 months of violence. There is no calm anywhere any more.

Now, with Syria's rigid order ever more vulnerable and its neighbours increasingly alarmed, planning for life after the regime is well under way. That Bashar al-Assad is finished is now a given; far less certain is what will be left of Syria in his wake....."


Lysander said...

"That Bashar al-Assad is finished is now a given; far less certain is what will be left of Syria in his wake....."

When it becomes a sectarian pawn of Saudi Arabia and shows far more interest in killing Shiites than in confronting Israel, what will we say then?

Tony Sayegh said...

"..... more interest in killing Shiites than in confronting Israe..."

The Assad regime has not "confronted" Israel in 40 years! What are you talking about?

The Golan front has been the quietest front for that long attesting to a de-facto acquiescence of the criminal regime in the annexation of the Golan by Israel.

Lysander said...

And do you think the Saudi backed salafists will do any different when they are in power?

Hafez and Bashar are hardly perfect. But lets face it. If not for Syria, Israel would still be in Lebanon, which would now have a Phalangist government.

You can spin it however you want, but you know I'm right.

And you can disparage Syria's contribution to resistance all you want, but when compared to Mubarak, the Jordanians and the Saudis, they are true titans.

And Egypt's "revolution?" Mursi will turn out to be a bigger traitor than Mubarak was.

Let's face it. When you and NATO are on the same side, something is very wrong.

I'm deeply saddened and I fear the worst. I'll be happy to be proven wrong, but i don't think I will be.

Anonymous said...


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