Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Egyptian protesters are still waiting for justice over army violence

Human rights campaigners condemn 'political deal' protecting army despite Mohamed Morsi's promise of retribution

in Cairo,
Throughout his campaign for president last summer, Mohamed Morsi promised justice for the civilians martyred around the time of the Egyptian revolution.

For it was not just during the 2011 uprising but for months afterwards that accounts emerged of abuse by the military. Soldiers were involved in several bloody crackdowns following the fall of Hosni Mubarak, when the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (Scaf) took control of the country.........

To critics, the constitution appeared to close a long-planned deal between the Brotherhood and the armed forces that allowed the military a "safe exit" in exchange for chaperoning a transitional period that delivered a civilian government dominated by the Brotherhood.

"I was naive in being excited," said Heba Morayef, of Human Rights Watch, adding that she believed Morsi had "no political will" to prosecute the police, much less the armed forces. "The military is back to where it was under Mubarak, except their privileges are now enshrined in the constitution … It was a very well-planned and well-executed political deal.""

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