Thursday, April 11, 2013

In Egypt, satire can't just be a laughing matter

Comics such as Bassem Youssef are attacked by thin-skinned Islamist leaders – but satire's job is to lampoon the powerful,

"......Youssef's satire lassos the powerful, while the powerful lash out against the vulnerable. Several Muslim Brotherhood officials and some from the ultra-conservative Salafi movement are on record blaming women for sexual violence at a time when street sexual harassment and assaults are at epidemic levels. Islamists also face little if any legal blowback for astounding bigotry and incitement against Egypt's Christians. This at a time when Christians feel increasingly at risk: just this Sunday, two died in fighting outside the Coptic church's headquarters in Cairo, after Muslims attacked Christians mourning a sectarian attack the day before.

We always knew religious fundamentalists were humourless but who knew they were so thin-skinned. The revolution has taught us much."

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