Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hundreds injured, hundreds arrested as police continue attacks

| 25 November 2012
Bikya Masr

"CAIRO: On Friday and Saturday Egypt’s police attacked from Qasr el-Aini street towards Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Early Sunday morning they build a concrete wall, then went around a side street shortly after in an attempt to attack the main square.
Hundreds of protesters have been injured in the ongoing violence, spurred on by near constant tear gas and rubber bullets being fired by police towards the protesters.
According to the ministry of interior on Sunday, over 275 “troublemakers” have been detained by police in the clashes.
On Saturday evening and Sunday morning, videos began to emerge showing police beating protesters they had gotten their hands on, sparking more anger among activists who are calling for the immediate withdrawal of presidential decrees that grant President Mohamed Morsi near complete power above the rule of law.
The ministry added that they are to take legal action against those arrested.
The ministry added that only 164 have been injured in the violence, although even the ministry of health puts the number over 200. Field hospital volunteer doctors have told that they are at full capacity, with doctors at Doubara Church near Tahrir saying on Sunday that they “cannot take anyone else. We have too many people.
Tear gas and rubber bullets continue to boom across downtown as wave after wave of attack continues."

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