Thursday, July 9, 2015

Egypt opposition leader to leave Lebanon after threats to his life


Ayman Nour
Ayman Nour

Egyptian opposition leader Ayman Nour has said he will be leaving Lebanon, where he currently resides, after receiving concrete information of "an assassination attempt on his life". The politician intends to go to Turkey, before eventually making his way to Europe.
Nour said in a statement that his departure from Lebanon "was not at the request of the Lebanese state or any political party," stressing that he still enjoys a close relationship with all political parties in Lebanon.
Nour denied reports by Egyptian newspapers claiming he was leaving Lebanon after the Lebanese authorities refused to renew his residency.
According the statement, "a senior official at the Lebanese army intelligence names Colonel Joseph Ghantous has informed him of receiving confirmed intelligence of a scheme aimed at his life in Lebanon, and asked him to be cautious."
Nour pointed out that some Lebanese actors confirmed to him that Egyptian President Abdul Fattah El-Sisi has personally put pressure on the Lebanese authorities to limit his movement.

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