Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Subcontractors of the Occupation: Palestinian court accuses detainees of 'disturbing relations with the occupation'


Israeli security forces
File photo of Israeli security forces
Nablus Magistrates Court, in the occupied West Bank, issued an indictment on Monday against a political prisoner held by the Palestinian Authority's Preventive Security Agency which included charges of "disturbing relations with the occupation and harming the interests of the Supreme National Authority."

Ihab Al-Shuli, from the northern town of Asira, told Safa news agency that the Magistrates Court in Nablus has accused his brother Imad of disturbing relations between the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian Authority, and extended his detention for another 15 days.
He added that his brother was arrested several times by the PA security agencies for resisting the occupation. I had also explained that his brother was sentenced by a military court run by the PA to eighteen months in prison in 2009 against the backdrop of being arrested by the Israelis.
The West Bank governorates are witnessing an arrest campaign which has been launched by the PA security forces against Hamas supporters for carrying out operations against Israeli settlers.

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