Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Third Intifada has already begun

'The Arab Spring ... is the commencement of the Third Intifada on a transnational, pan-Arab and pan-Muslim scale.'


Hamid Dabashi

"No amount of global revulsion at US President Barack Obama's mendacious speech at the UN General Assembly in September 2011, unabashedly seeking to preempt the possibility of the Palestinian statehood bid, can ever match the unsurpassed hypocrisy with which Mr Audacity of Hope has opted to put his signature to his presidency.....

Third Intifada has already begun

Palestinians are, of course, not waiting for Israel to deign "to give them" their state - something that is not theirs to give. But on the more crucial question of "the third Intifada", we need no longer wait to see how Palestinians will respond, or whether the Third Intifada is on the offing or not. The Third Intifada has already happened. It is called the Arab Spring.

The Arab Spring, now having endured its Summer and entering the maturity of its Fall and Winter, is the commencement of the Third Intifada on a transnational, pan-Arab, and pan-Muslim scale.....

Logic and consistency be damned: Two times two equals we need a Jewish Republic of Israel. Contrary to all their protestations, Israel and the Islamic Republic are two sides of the same outdated coin.

The Arab Spring as a transnational Intifada spreading the Palestinian cause region-wide puts both sides of this hypocrisy out of business - and that is precisely the reason why both want to push back the current uprisings to the status quo ante, to assume a ludicrous warring posture and rub Arabs and Muslims of their world-historic uprisings against remnants of European colonialism (Israel), domestic tyranny (Islamic Republic, Saudi Arabia, Syria, ad nauseum), and globalised imperialism (US, EU, and their NATO) at one and the same time....

Third Intifada writ large

If Khaled Meshaal, or any other Palestinian leader, does not dissociate himself fast enough from both Syria and the Islamic Republic, he will have forfeited his claim on the Arab Spring cum the Third Intifada.

The Arab Spring is the Third Intifada - writ large.

There is no cause of liberty so constitutionally definitive to the Arab and Muslim world, as poignant in moral and imaginative terms, as the Palestinian cause. It is the gushing wound of the last remnant of European colonialism having hooked itself to American imperialism.....

Liberation of Palestine is the first and final liberation of that world held hostage by the combined calamity of European colonialism, American imperialism, and the mini-tyrants who either collaborate or else feign to oppose them - having caused and conditioned domestic tyrannies from one end of Africa to another end of Asia.

We as a people deserve, and will do, better.

Israel, the United States, the Islamic Republic, Saudi Arabia, and all other Arab and Muslim tyrants strangling their nations under the false pretense of resisting imperialism are equal losers in this transnational eruption of the Palestinian Intifada as the Arab Spring - and it is precisely this uprising that each tries, in its own hypocritical way, to thwart and distort - in vain. "

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