Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hezbollah chief 'killed in Syria'

The Guardian


Ali Hussein Nassif, a senior military figure in Hezbollah, was buried in Lebanon yesterday. The moqawama website has pictures and a report (in Arabic).

The website does not say how Nassif died but the Israeli Ynetnews, citing Lebanese media sources, says he was killed in Syria on Sunday.
Nassif was in charge of all Hezbollah operations in Syria, and served as the liaison between the Shia group and Bashar Assad's forces ...
Opposition groups in Lebanon said that Nassif was killed in a clash near Homs, following an ambush by Syrian rebels.
According to the Free Syria Army, he was driving near the city when the rebels detonated a roadside bomb.
The Syrian opposition said that Nassif was transferred to Syria following the escalating uprising in the country, and was tasked with quashing civilian uprisings.
He was also responsible for tracking down individuals wanted by Hezbollah....."


Zarathustra said...

Sectarian Resistance.

Tony Sayegh said...

The "Lousy Arab" will probably still deny that Hizbullah fighters are in Syria fighting with the Butcher of Damascus.