Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Syria Live Updates

The Guardian


The beginning of the video, which the news agency cannot verify, purports to show a car in Damascus crushed by a government tank, with the driver's body still inside......

Surface-to-air missiles

Syrian rebels may have more powerful shoulder-mounted surface-to-air missiles than previously thought, if photographs posted by Brown Moses (Eliot Higgins) on his blog are correct.

His photos show a man with what he identifies as an SA-16 (“reportedly captured by Ansar al-Islam from an air defence in East Ghouta, near Damascus”) and an SA-24 (“apparently looted from Babla Base air defence base by Ansar al-Islam”) - “the latest generation of Russian surface to air missiles”.
A photo purporting to show a Syrian rebel with an SA24 surface-to-air missile.

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