Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Chavez bans Israelis from entering Venezuela

"Nazareth - Israelis will no longer be able to enter the South American country of Venezuela after its president Hugo Chavez ordered banning Israelis from entering his country.

Responsible sources in the Israeli foreign ministry considered Chavez's decision as "very serious" as Chavez refused to send back his ambassador to Tel Aviv after recalling him over the IOF troops' brutality in Gaza Strip and Lebanon a couple of months ago.

The Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported that Chavez's decision will deprive Israeli settlers from visiting their relatives in Venezuela, adding that Israel's decision to send back its ambassador to Caracas was out of the Hebrew state's concern over the Jewish community in that Latin country.

Chavez refused to send his ambassador back to Tel Aviv despite repeated appeals from the Hebrew state to do so, thus denying Israeli settlers from getting the necessary visa to enter Venezuela.

As an alternative, the Israeli occupation government urged its settlers to get the needed visas from one of the Venezuelan consulates in Latin America; yet, strictly following Chavez's orders, no Venezuelan consulate granted the Israelis such visas.

Chavez criticized the IOF massacres against Palestinian and Lebanese civilians, and translated that criticism into action after ordering his country's envoy to Tel Aviv back home indefinitely. The three Arab countries with diplomatic ties with the Hebrew state namely Egypt, Jordan, and Mauritania failed to follow Chavez's step and maintained ties with Israel."

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