Monday, October 23, 2006

Fatah sources: Abbas leading plot to topple government

Ramallah - Fatah Movement sources in the West Bank have revealed that PA chief Mahmoud Abbas had given the green light to a plot masterminded by loyal heads of his PA security apparatuses to stage a coup against the legitimate PA government.

The sources said that the scheme, to start next Saturday after the Eid holidays, envisages occupying premises of PA ministries by force and launching a media campaign against the Hamas-formed government.

They said that the coup would progress with Israeli and American blessing along with the approval of two neighbouring Arab countries and the EU.

Abbas would then declare an emergency government after announcing that the current government was not capable of running the affairs of the people, the sources elaborated, adding that Abbas would then meet with Olmert and announce that all PA frozen funds in Israel were released.

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