Sunday, October 22, 2006

Neocon Democrat Jane Harman in Hot Water

By Kurt Nimmo

"It is said, come the midterm elections, Democrats will likely take possession of the House and, less likely, the Senate. It is said this will tip the balance of power in Washington and, whizo-bango, we will get more representative government, corruption will be on the run, and the neocon cabal will be on the skids. If you believe this, you may as well wish for a pony.

In fact, there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans, they both represent the property party, as Gore Vidal deems the gang in control of the government. If you vote for Democrats on November 7, you are voting for more of the same.

As an example, take House Congress critter Jane Harman. “The Department of Justice is investigating whether Rep. Jane Harman and the pro-Israel group [AIPAC] worked together to get her reappointed as the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee,” reports Time. “[S]ources tell TIME that the investigation by Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which has simmered out of sight since about the middle of last year, is examining whether Harman and AIPAC arranged for wealthy supporters to lobby House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi on Harman’s behalf.”

As we know, the “people not entitled to receive classified information” work for the Israeli government, and there is no “widely believed” about it. For Democrats, the fact AIPAC is a criminal organization matters not, for they understand well what side of the bread gets the butter. “Despite the fact that AIPAC was recently busted for spying on the United States, Pelosi, along with many other top bureaucrats from Washington, gushed effusions of praise on the foreign power” last year at the annual AIPAC confab, according to Joshua Frank. Pelosi made sure to mention her AIPAC sponsored walking tour in Israel, a common enough occurrence, usually reducing American politicos to pathetic Stepford zombies, espousing support for the continued murder of the Palestinians.

But it is not strictly Jabotinsky fanatics in Israel who are interested in making sure Harman is reappointed to the House Intelligence Committee—the ghoulish perpetual war industry and war profiteers have a large stake in the reappointment as well. Not surprisingly, Harman’s top contributors include Raytheon and Northrop Grumman.

Consider the fact major Democratic party contributor Haim Saban called up Nancy Pelosi’s office, urging Harman’s reappointment. “Saban has donated at least $3,000 to Harman’s campaign, according to Federal Election Commission records, and the Saban Center for Middle East Policy, which he sponsors at the prestigious Brookings Institution, boasts Harman among its biggest fans.” Saban has proudly stated: “I’m a one-issue guy and my issue is Israel.” "



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