Tuesday, October 17, 2006

NATO "Peace Keeping" Forces collaborate with Israeli Military

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Editor's note

The deployment of a multinational naval force and the stationing of NATO troops in Lebanon has nothing to do with peacekeeping.

The following report suggests that "the peace-keeping forces" from NATO countries deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean pursuant to UN Security Council Resolution 1701, are directly collaborating with the Israeli military, which is responsible for extensive war crimes in Lebanon and Palestine.

What we are dealing with is a militarization of the Eastern Mediterranean. The multinational force is working hand in glove with Israel.

M. C., 17 October 2006


Israel to support NATO counter-terrorism patrols
16 Oct 2006 17:33:41 GMT
Source: Reuters

BRUSSELS, Oct 16 (Reuters) - Israel will provide support for NATO counter-terrorism patrols in the Mediterranean under a cooperation pact agreed with the alliance on Monday.

NATO has sought since the end of the Cold War to bolster its presence in the Middle East, and the accord is the first one to be finalised since the 26-member alliance offered in 2004 to forge closer ties with Israel and six Arab states.

"Israel is the first one to have agreed to the details of what cooperation should entail," said a NATO official, adding that details of the pact would be released later.

The details agreed on Monday included a pledge to provide support for counter-terrorism patrols by alliance ships.

NATO has offered Israel, Algeria, Egypt, Mauritania, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia help in reforming their armies and making it easier for them to cooperate with the military of alliance nations.

It has also encouraged them to provide ships, intelligence and port access for patrols NATO launched in the Mediterranean to help detect terrorist activity shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States.

Algeria and Morocco have also expressed an interest in supporting the patrols, but the Arab response to offers of cooperation has been generally patchy. Many in the Arab world regard NATO as a U.S.-dominated body intent on interfering.

NATO nonetheless held its first meeting in an Arab country this year with talks with the seven Mediterranean partners in Morocco, and is looking to provide officer training for them and four Gulf states.

Diplomats say Jordan had shown interest in hosting a NATO-run academy but no final decision has yet been taken.

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