Saturday, October 21, 2006

PA refugees ministry demands halt to targeting Palestinians in Iraq

"Gaza - The PA ministry of refugees' affairs has condemned the murder of four Palestinian refugees and the injury of 20 others Thursday night in the Baladayat residential compound in Baghdad at the hands of Iraqi militias.

Hussam Ahmed, director of the ministry's follow up and coordination department, said in a press release on Friday that the Palestinian refugees in Iraq are the victims of daily massacres at the hands of "suspicious armed groups that target the Palestinian presence there".

The ministry received certified information that the compound came under mortar attack, he said, adding that ambulance cars did not arrive to the scene despite Palestinian appeals.

More than 70 Palestinian refugees have so far been killed in Iraq ever since the American occupation of that Arab country.

Ahmed appealed to the Arab League, OIC, UN and all freedom-loving people in the world to intervene and halt the attacks on the Palestinians in Iraq. He also asked the Iraqi government to assume its role in protecting the Palestinians living in its lands on temporary basis."

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