Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fath Circus: ballot counting

By Angry Arab

"The circus is really funny: the best part is the ballot counting. You know how they vote? First, the gang leaders (Abu Mazen and Dahlan) decide who is qualified to vote, and then people vote. And after they vote, Dahlan henchmen take the ballot boxes to a secret location and it takes them three days to count the ballots for the Central Committee and three days or more for the Revolutionary Council. In other words, it takes less time to count the ballots in US elections than to vote for the 21-odd members of the Fath's Central Committee of thugs and gangsters. But that is not all. So they announced the name of the winners to the Central Committee, and Tayyib `Abdur-Rahim (Abu Tayyib, who was known for his thuggish ways back in the Beirut days when he commanded the Force 17 praetorian guards), the scretary-general of the Palestinian Presidency (over a non-state), and a key enforcer for Abu Mazen, was not among the winners. So `Abdur-Rahim fretted and moped, and lo and behold just yesterday the secret counting committee of Fath announced that `Abdur-Rahim has indeed won after, notwithstanding the earlier announcement of winners and losers. And that is not it: another loser in the election, >.
Ahmad Quray` (Abu Al-`Ala'), also known for massive corruption when he ran Samid institution and also known for providing cement to Israeli settlement construction
, spoke to Al-Quds Al-`Arabi. He suddenly talks about corruption in Fath and is suddeny opposed to the two-state solution. Kid you not. He said that there is widespread anger among Fath for the way this Congress--read circus--was run. He also exclaimed how four of the security chiefs who collaborate with Israel have won. And for the first time he revealed that there is something called Fath-Revival: almost of a beginning of a new schism or split within the lousiest movement to speak in the name of national liberation, EVER Even the head of the Election Committee resigned, but then was pressured to rescind his resignation. Appointments to the Shura Council of Saudi Arabia is less corrupt than "election" to the ruling bodies of Fath. This just in: Ehud Barak was just elected to the Central Committee of the Fath Movement. "

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