Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where are the Arabs to Stand Up for the Hanoun and Ghawi Families?

Homewreckers and Vultures


"....Arab and Muslim readers could read in the dim eyes of the Arab Muslim mother, the feelings of disappointment, frustration and despair of all the millions of Arabs and Muslims and of all the ‘civilized’ world which never tires of talking about freedom, democracy and human rights. One could read a question on her innocent face: are not we, Arab Muslim Palestinians, human beings?! Where are all those hundreds of millions of Arabs and Muslims in the four corners of the world? Why do not they rush to our aid? Or are they like the scum of a turbulent stream?.....

Instead of being preoccupied with Israeli threats to the rights and sanctities of their brothers, particularly to the first of the holy Muslim shrines, part of Arab officialdom is busy calculating the extent of the power of Turkey and Iran and how it affects the Arab identity and the future of the region......

If Arabs continue on this course they will be no more significant than the scum and froth over a stream. Hundreds of millions of Arabs and Muslims failed to stand and defend Gaza, Mohammad al-Durra and the Hanoun and Ghawi families, while President Bill Clinton has gone to North Korea to bring back an American journalist. The millions of Arabs should stand and be counted because the enemies have gathered over our nation like hungry vultures."

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