Monday, June 27, 2011

Virginity tests were for detainee's protection, military tells Amnesty

Liar, Liar....

Al-Masry Al-Youm

"The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, in a meeting with a delegation from Amnesty International on Sunday, confirmed that it conducted virginity tests on women detained by the military in March of this year. The women were arrested by the military as it cleared Tahrir Square of protesters staging an ongoing sit in.

However, the council explained that the virginity tests were intended to protect the female detainees from rape during their detention (??).

The human rights delegation also discussed the issue of referring civilians to military courts, military and police abuses, the persistence of torture and abuse, the slow pace of trials, and the existence within the police ranks of officers accused of killings protesters during the uprising.

In response, the council said that the military trials were the result of the chaos and acts of hooliganism that spread after the revolution, and were aimed at restoring stability [Same language the Pharaoh used!]. The various acts of torture, meanwhile, were individual cases that were immediately investigated [Again, same language and the same lies!] , it said....."

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