Friday, July 1, 2011

VIDEO – In front of the Interior Ministry أمام وزارة القتل والبلطجة

From Hossam El-Hamalawy

"Thousands demonstrated on Friday in Tahrir Square, demanding public trial of Mubarak, his interior ministry Habib el-Adly, and other regime figures.

The square and the surrounding streets since early morning have been emptied from all police and military presence. Most of the established political forces, most notably the Muslim Brothers, did not take part in the demonstrations.

The families of the martyrs were present, and demanded speedy trials of the police murderers, as it’s becoming clear day by day that they will get away with what they did. More shockingly, most police officers who are currently undergoing trial still hold their positions (or have been promoted)! Demonstrators also denounced the brutal police crackdown on the protests in the square on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Protesters marched, in solidarity with the detainees, by 4pm on the ministerial cabinet headquarters and the interior ministry. Policemen from inside the interior ministry’s compound threw rocks and were making provocative gestures with their hands. Protesters responded by rocks and a shower of insults and chants against both the military and the police.

I’ve heard very strong chants, demanding the execution of Mubarak, Adly and Field Marshal Tantawi. While some are staging a sit in at the moment, others will resume protesting on Saturday, in the run up to the mass protests planned next Friday 8 July."

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