Saturday, November 19, 2011

Homs: inside the city at the heart of Syria's rebellion

A world of guarded conversations and shadowy rumours amid the funereal silence of a military lockdown

James Harkin in Homs, Saturday 19 November 2011

".....Homs has been in more or less open revolt since at least April, but in recent weeks what is going on here has acquired ominous new significance. Facing the full force of a crackdown on their demonstrations by the Syrian army and police, at least some of the city's residents have taken up arms, either to defend themselves and their communities or to go on the attack.

Outside Syria and in the international media, the siege has become a cause célèbre. But events here show not only the courage and the forbearance of its citizens, but also the traps that lie in wait for an unhappy people suppressed by a brutal military crackdown....."

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