Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Syrian State: A Corrupt and Rotten Facade

By Maysaloon

"......There is no state. And when Waqqaf arrogantly and with all the vulgarity that his camp are known for claims that he stands by a state, what he is really saying is that he wants a Syria ruled perpetually by the Assads. The Assads are the state, and everything outside of this vision is outside the state and is a traitor. If you love this vision, give yourself to it completely in body and soul, then it will provide for you so far as you are useful. If not, you will be completely and utterly crushed. It is nothing more than Syrian fascism with a dash of corporatism, and it has infected Syria politically, culturally and socially. There is not one remnant of the old Syrian state that remains untarnished, so complete and thorough has this movement embedded itself. The Muslim Brotherhood insurrection during the seventies sounded the death knell to Syrian civil society and to the remarkably active unions that the country once had. Under the pretense of a war on terror, all liberties were crushed, to be replaced by the politics of fear. This is the vision that Waqqaf is really defending, and the fact that he uses the terminology of statehood and representative government only adds insult to the injury that this regime has inflicted on an entire country......"

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