Friday, December 22, 2006

Abu Marzouk: Israel to supply Abbas with armored vehicles to overthrow government

"Damascus – Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, deputy head of the Hamas political bureau, said that his movement has evidence that Israel will supply President Mahmoud Abbas with armored vehicles fitted with 14.5 mm machine guns to be used against the Palestinian people.

Dr. Abu Marzouk, further remarked that there were parties who are seeking military action to overthrow the Palestinian elected government.

He added that his movement has reliable information that the Israeli agreed to supply Abbas' presidential guards with armored vehicles fitted with 14.5 mm machine guns.

He also pointed out that Israel agreed to the deployment of the 3000 strong, Jordan based, Badr force in the Gaza Strip to match the power of Hamas warning that if Abbas resorts to undemocratic options it will bring chaos to the streets.

He emphasized that his movement will do all in its power to prevent a civil war even if this proves to be costly to the movement and called upon wise people in Fatah and the President to steer away from actions that could lead to confrontations.

He also said that all attempts to overthrow the government have failed that is why they are resorting now to security chaos in the street, adding that if the people were unhappy with Hamas they would have demonstrated against its government for having sanctions imposed on them, but the people know that the US and Israel are imposing these sanctions to get Hamas to compromise their rights that is why they remain faithful to Hamas.

Finally he said: "We will not submit to blackmail and pressure and we will continue to advocate a national unity government." "

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