Friday, December 22, 2006

Celebrate Global Orgasm for Peace (GOP) Day

Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffel flash the secret Global Orgasm for Peace (GOP) sign as they stand on the deck of their home in Marshall. They say participants shouldn't worry if they don't have partners. Chronicle photo by Chris Stewart

Don't Forget; Today Is The Day

"The goal of the Synchronized Global Orgasm for Peace (or as I think of it, The Other GOP) is to effect a change in the world's energy by having as many people as possible orgasm while focusing their thoughts on world peace.

The rules are simple: Yes, you can do it on your own. No, there's no specific time. And, no, you can't fake it.

Personally, I hope this will usher in a whole new method of activism -- one that doesn't involve buying poster board. Even if it doesn't work, hey, it's more fun than marching.

But Paul, 76, and Donna, 55, have high hopes for the global orgasm and its potential to counter a widespread yet commonly dismissed problem.

"Human behavior has become so pronouncedly violent and destructive," Paul said in a phone interview. "And it's sort of accepted that way."

The couple wondered what they could do to help change that, so they decided to use the same brand of witty activism that inspired a previous project, Baring Witness. As you might guess from the name, protesters used their naked bodies to create peace-promoting slogans and symbols -- a tactic which drew international notice.

The Global Orgasm for Peace certainly has the same winking cleverness, but it also invites us to consider the power of collective thought. Does what we think really effect anything?


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