Saturday, December 23, 2006

Nazzal: Abbas loyalists block entry of money to Palestinians

"Doha - Mohammed Nazzal, the political bureau member of the Hamas Movement, has accused loyalists to PA chief Mahmoud Abbas of exerting strenuous efforts to prevent the entry of money sums via the Rafah terminal into Gaza, thus blocking payment of salaries to Palestinian civil servants.

Nazzal, in a statement to Al-Jazeera website on Saturday, said that Abbas loyalists met with Israeli, Egyptian and European officials and agreed on blocking the entry of cash money through the Rafah crossing.

He said that head of the PLO's negotiations department Saeb Uraikat had secured a pledge from Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak to prevent such money from crossing through Rafah.

The recent developments in the Palestinian lands (Hamas-Fatah clashes) were part of a Palestinian-Arab-international scheme to topple the Hamas-led PA government and to furnish the way before holding early elections, Nazzal elaborated.

He charged former head of the notorious preventive security apparatus and current Fatah MP Mohammed Dahlan of masterminding such a plot in harmony with Israeli and American officials.

The Hamas leader affirmed that his Movement rejects early legislative elections because it targets toppling the PA government, adding that the early elections would not be honest. He explained that honest elections would mean victory of Hamas in both the legislative and presidential race, an option which neither the Hebrew state nor the USA, or even PA presidency, wants.

He opined that the legislative elections of January 2006 would be the first and last honest elections in the PA-run lands because the USA had reached the conviction that any honest elections in the region would bring Islamists to power. "

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