Thursday, December 21, 2006

Meanwhile in Iraq

IRAQ: Muhammad Abdel Kader, Iraq, “I never made so many coffins a day”: “My name is Muhammad Abdel Kader. I am 36 years old and live in the Ejidida neighbourhood of Baghdad with my parents, wife and only son. I have lived in Baghdad all my life. I have been making coffins since I was 24 to help with the family income. I work non-stop, 12 hours a day, six days a week. I have never made so many coffins a day in my life. I have to make as many coffins as I can to meet demand in al-Qarah Cemetery.

Iraq: At least 39 killed in another bloody day in Iraq: A suicide bomber wearing an explosive vest killed 15 people and wounded 15 more when he blew himself up at a police recruitment centre in eastern Baghdad

Occupied Iraq: More than 111 killed on Wednesday: Iraqi police found 76 bodies around Baghdad, all with gunshot wounds and most with signs of torture, the Interior Ministry said.

Pentagon wants $99.7 billion more for Iraq, Afghanistan: The military's request, if embraced by President George W. Bush and approved by Congress, would boost this year's budget for those wars to about $170 billion.

Bush 'brainwashed' Blair on Iraq pullout - Iraq VP: - British Prime Minister Tony Blair was in favor of announcing a timetable to pull troops out of Iraq, but was "brainwashed" out of it by President George W. Bush, Iraq's vice president said.

U.S. Occupation Forces Squad Leader Charged in Killings Of 24 Iraqi Civilians: Squad leader charged in killings of 24 Iraqi civilians; More Marines expected to be charged

In case you missed it: Iraqi Girl tells of US Attack in Haditha: Ten-year-old Iman Walid witnessed the killing of seven members of her family in an attack by American marines last November. The interview with Iman was filmed exclusively for ITV News by Ali Hamdani,our Iraqi video diarist

War Crimes Report Advertised In The Military Times Newspapers: “We felt that the people who are ordered to fight in Iraq, and those who support U.S. presence Iraq, ought to know of the opportunity to learn about the many ways in which the United States has violated and continues to violate international law there,” said Nick Mottern, Director of, publisher of the war crimes report.

Suicide rate spikes among troops sent to Iraq war: The suicide rate among troops deployed for the Iraq war reached its highest point last year since the 2003 invasion, according to an Army mental health study released Tuesday.

Navy vet says he was tortured by U.S. forces: Suit filed against Rumsfeld: - A Navy veteran from Chicago says he was detained and tortured by U.S. forces in Baghdad without being charged. Twenty-nine-year-old Donald Vance was a private security employee in Baghdad at the time of his arrest.

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