Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Olmert in Amman to discuss moving Badr force to Gaza

"Ramallah - Israeli premier Ehud Olmert's surprise two-hour visit to Amman on Tuesday targeted discussing the transfer of the Palestinian Badr force stationed in Jordan to the Gaza Strip to consolidate the security forces loyal to PA chief Mahmoud Abbas, according to Arab and western media sources.

The American CNN website along with reliable Arab sources said that Olmert's discussions with King Abdullah II tackled the deployment of the 1,500-storng Badr force in the Strip.

Israel had earlier agreed to the entry of hundreds of Badr elements into the PA-run lands to confront the Hamas-led PA government and also allowed the entry of arms shipments to Abbas loyalists.

Abdullah told Olmert that Israel should seriously support a "strong Palestinian partner" for the peace talks.

The Jordanian monarch expressed readiness to invite Abbas and PA premier Ismail Haneyya to discuss means of defusing tension between their Fatah and Hamas Movements respectively.

Jordan fears that the ongoing clashes between rival Palestinian factions could spillover to its territory especially when it hosts a big number of Palestinian refugees."

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