Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Haneyya calls for comprehensive ceasefire, warns of attempts to topple government

These are the U.S. trained forces of the "moderate" Abbas attacking their own people

"Gaza - Ismail Haneyya, the PA premier, Tuesday night called for a comprehensive ceasefire, reconciliation to salvage the Palestinian society from destruction, holding PA chief Mahmoud Abbas responsible for the security deterioration in the PA-run lands.

Haneyya, in a wide-ranging speech, said that the "painful events" in Palestinian streets over the past few days was the result of individual decisions taken without national agreement, in reference to Abbas' call for early legislative and presidential elections.

He renewed his refusal of Abbas' call, affirming the importance of respecting the results of the legislative elections that were organized in January 2006.

The premier charged that Abbas' call was unconstitutional, warning that such a call would return the Palestinian arena ten years back.

He stressed that his government was in full support of the document of national concord and underlined, "There is an undeclared decision to topple the Palestinian government". He charged the USA with masterminding such a policy and added that certain Palestinian parties were implementing it.

Affirming conviction that the western-led siege on the Palestinian people would sooner or later be lifted, he revealed that he collected during his Arab and Islamic tour 700 million dollars, which would be enough to end the siege and the internal financial crisis.

He called on all parties to exercise self-restraint and not to take to arms to settle differences, adding that dialogue should be pursued rather bullets so as to avoid drowning in the American-Zionist scheme.

Haneyya asked all factions to return all those kidnapped during the past couple of days of internecine clashes and asked his interior minister Sa'eed Siyam to hold a meeting to withdraw armed elements and to contain the tensions.

The premier pointed out that Abbas was part in the plan to isolate the government, explaining that he never met with his government members, never asked them to accompany him in foreign tours and never invited them to receive foreign dignitaries.

He also noted that out of 100 government decrees issued within the past nine months, Abbas only endorsed 24. He elaborated that Abbas stripped various ministries of their authorities.

The premier also retorted to Abbas' accusation that the Hamas-led PA government had offered a 15-year-long truce with the Hebrew state, which meant delaying crucial issues for that long. Haneyya said that the offer was to be tabled only after the Palestinian independent state with Jerusalem as its capital was established on the 1967 occupied lands."

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