Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Al-Jazeera Video: Arab League observers continue Syria visit

"The credibility of the Arab League is on the line in Syria, as its observers prepare to visit three more cities at the heart of the anti-government protests.

Activists say another 13 people have been killed across the country, on the second day of the mission to monitor the violence there.

The observers are led by Mustafa al Dabi, a Sudanese general who previously served in Darfur. His initial reaction was that his monitors had seen "nothing frightening" on their first visit to the flashpoint city of Homs on Tuesday.

France and Russia have both called for Arab League monitors to be given more freedom of travel to determine the real situation.

Al Jazeera's journalists aren't allowed into Syria, so Dorsa Jabbari sent this report from Beirut."

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