Thursday, December 29, 2011

Palestinians hoping to leave Gaza Strip asked to collaborate with Israel

Patients in need of treatment across border among those targeted by Israeli intelligence agency, says human rights group

Phoebe Greenwood in Gaza City, Wednesday 28 December 2011

"Palestinian patients and business people hoping to leave the Gaza Strip are being asked to collaborate with Israel in exchange for an exit permit, a leading Israeli human rights organisation claims.

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) say that 172 people, mostly men aged 18 to 40, were called for interrogation by the Shabak, Israel's internal intelligence agency, last month. Some who attended interviews were granted exit permits.

Three years on from Operation Cast Lead, Israeli informers play a critical role in monitoring militant cells in the Gaza Strip. Senior sources within the Israeli Defence Forces say a ground operation is more likely now than at any point since the December 2008 offensive. As tensions simmer, collaborators are an invaluable resource....."

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