Friday, January 2, 2009

'Eight Civilians Killed' in Israeli 'Surgical' Strike on Truck

Israelis display bombing of 'missiles' on YouTube • Rights group calls for inquiry into alleged error

by Peter Beaumont in London and Hazem Balousha in Gaza City

Photo from Army footage of the loading of the truck and photo of the oxygen canisters left next to the truck taken by B'Tselem fieldworker.

"An Israeli human rights group said yesterday it was investigating claims that an apparent surgical strike on a Hamas missile truck in Gaza, which is being publicized by Israel's armed forces on its website, is a case of mistaken targeting that has left eight civilians dead.

Monochrome images of the attack have been repeatedly shown by media around the world after being released by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to demonstrate both the accuracy of their attacks and that Hamas was trying to move and hide rockets.....

However, the Israeli-Palestinian B'Tselem group in Gaza has testimony from the owner of the truck, as well as photographs taken at the scene, which appear to suggest that the vehicle was being used to transport gas welding canisters from a metalworking shop......"

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